Vision 60 - Colombia
CinA Missions Project since 2010
Location: Colombia, South America
​​​Goals of the project:
  • Planting 60 churches in Colombia by 2015
  • Plant 60 churches between Medellín and Bogota where there is not one church in an area of 5,000 to 10,000 people.

Vision 60
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Vision 60 was launched in 2010 to trained pastors and lay leaders to plant 60 reproducing churches by 2015. That goal has not been reached as yet, but over 200 individuals were trained to plant churches. Vision 60 is now under the CinA president of Colombia Pastor Sixto who is also the pastor of the fast growing Central Church in Cartagena. This church has trained its leaders in church planting who in turn planted 5 new churches in the Cartagena region.

The goal is to plant at least one new church in every major city in Colombia. Your donations to Project Vision 60 can help our Colombian brothers and sisters complete this goal.

 About of the project: