Destiny of Hope orphanage

CinA Missions Project since 2012
Location: Guatemala
Missionaries involved: Anita Byle & Norma Hunt

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New Arrival

​​This is just a quick note as I'm off to help care for your little one.

We were told at the hospital that we were receiving a little ​boy but at bath time discovered we have a little baby girl. ​We had already named
​"him" Samuel ​so now we must go ​tomorrow and change her name.

Little baby girl was born on January 24th. The mother left the ​hospital without her. She weighs 3 lbs and needs lots of tender, ​healing care.
Please carry ​our little princess in your prayers.

Love and prayers,
Tue, 10th February, 2015
Sick Little Princess

​​This is just a quick note to ask for your prayers on behalf of "little Princess". Her eating went down and she began a low grade fever. Lab work shows an infection so the pediatrician had us take her to the hospital. Since she is still under 4 pounds even little changes have to be looked into.

Thank you so much for your prayers.
Tue, 17th February, 2015
It's a BOY

​​Norma went to see our baby today and also talked to the ​Dr. She is doing better, but still has a ways to go. Please ​continue praying. ​Tomorrow is my turn to go to the hospital to hold her skin-on-skin, which they call Kangaroo care.

​But this afternoon, we received another baby. This time a little boy ​that they are guessing is about 10 months old. His name is ​Josue' (Joshua). ​ So far we have very little info as to why he was ​placed with us.

Thank you so much for your prayers and encouraging words. Please continue praying for us as we love on these precious ​little ones that God ​has entrusted to us.

God Bless you,

Wed, 18th February, 2015

God did a miracle and allowed our baby girl to come home today!!!  She is still fighting a urinary tract infection, but is doing well enough ​that the Dr. thinks she will be fine at home. We have to continue the Kangaroo Care around the clock and feed her every 2 hours. The Dr. recommended we find a wet nurse and a nursing mother from our church was excited to help us out. Unfortunately, we can't seem to agree on a name for our little princess.

Both of my sisters, Janice and Louisa, were here for a week and ​they thoroughly enjoyed loving on our first baby. 

Josue' also had a check up at the Pediatrician's clinic today and he ​is in good health. He has really bonded with Mybel and vice versa. ​​The rest of us he is not too sure about yet.

Thank you so much for continuing to pray. It helps more than you know.

Thu, 19th February, 2015
Analisa Cristina

While I was at the hospital on Wednesday doing "kangaroo" care for Anna Cristina (the name that has been given the little princess) a call came asking if Destiny of Hope could take a 10 month baby boy who is a possible kidnap baby. Thursday began with taking someone to the hospital for the "Kangaroo"care then I took the director to an office to get an appointment for a health exam for "Josue" only to be informed that we had been told incorrectly. The baby was to have been taken. In the mean time a call came saying little Anna would be discharged later in the day. The director and I picked up the nanny and Josue to take him to the nearby town where the pediatrician would see him. We left baby and nanny then to the town to pick up Cristina and her caregiver. Then we divided forces and one went back to pickup Josue and nanny while two of us took Cristina home. I went on home and got things so I could spend the night and be the mama kangaroo during the night. Kangaroo care is for preemies who are low birth weight to keep them skin against skin with the caregiver in order to keep them from having chills. Guatemala is the Land of Eternal Springtime but when the temp. is in the 60s inside it is tool cold for new born babies. Thus the need for kangaroo care.

Josue and the nanny seem to maybe have a cold so they can't be near the baby. With the situation we have to have two caregivers at a time. We have a challenge because we have had to start over with the nannies. Most of the ones we had trained found it necessary to get other jobs when 6 months passed an we had no babies. Please pray for Cristina, Josue and the caregivers as well as wonderful nannies.

Thanks for all the prayers that are coming this way.
Sat, 21st February, 2015
Destiny of Hope blog
Progressing Nicely

I wanted to let you know how the LORD has been answering so many prayers. Analisa was seen by the pediatrician yesterday and she is delighted with the progress. The baby is now up to 6 pounds so we can wrap her warmly and she can spend some of her time in the crib. I spent last night with her and she did well with the change. I kept having to get close to her to hear her breathing. She still needs her bottle every two to three hours. We would love to find a wet nurse so she could benefit from breast milk.

Thank you dear prayer partners!!
Sat, 14th March, 2015
Analisa needs surgery

I had my appt. with the surgeon today and he agreed that Analisa's ​umbilical hernia was unusually large and needed to be operated on. He
was concerned that she would be too small and too young to be put ​under anesthesia and so he called an anesthesiologist and he said that
​she would be fine. Knowing that the surgeon had doubts put a huge fear ​in me of Analisa going under. But the Dr. tried to assure me that he
​trusted the anesthesiologist . He also explained that the surgery would ​be done in a private hospital and that I would be able to stay with
​Analisa ​the whole time, which would probably be about 36 hours in the hospital. ​This was a huge relief for me. When I asked how much it
​would all cost, ​he said about Q5000, about $650. But he offered to lower his own cost to ​help me out because he said he really cares about
​orphans. So, it will be ​about $500. I then asked if he was a Christian and he said Yes. I ​suspected as much because he had a big poster on
​his wall with a Bible ​verse. He was much younger than I had expected but was a very humble ​and kind man and took time to ease my fears
​and explain everything in ​great detail, answering every question I had without rushing me at all. ​Analisa needs to have 4 different ​blood tests 
​done and then if all the ​results are ok, we will set a ​ate for the surgery, probably early next ​week. ​Dr. said it was not ​an emergency right now,
​and might be fine ​for several ​more ​months, but it also could suddenly protrude ​permanently and ​​cause a lot of pain and then it would be an ​
​emergency. ​No one knows ​when this will happen, so it's best to ​have​ it ​operated on before it does.

Thanks for your prayers​ ​on Analisa's behalf.
Fri, 17th April, 2015
Analisa's surgery scheduled on 04/22

Analisa's blood work came back normal and she has been approved and scheduled for surgery on Wed. the 22nd of April. Please pray for her good health to continue so we can proceed with the operation. Please pray, too, that all will go well with as little trauma as possible for her and for me, as well.

Thanks in advance for your prayers,

Sun, 19th April, 2015
Surgery Postponed

On Monday the 20th, Cony, our orphanage director, returned from her ministry trip to El Salvador. I had not been able to connect with her while she had been there. She was concerned about Analisa having surgery without a second opinion from her regular pediatrician. So on Monday she accompanied me to have Analisa checked out by Dr. Norma. Right away, the Dr. said that Analisa was much too small for surgery. Being a pediatrician she knows how common this type of hernia is and said that although larger than usual, it was not painful nor in need of immediate surgery. I was still concerned that the coin in a waist belt was not working and didn't think there were any other options. But the Dr. showed me a much better way to control the hernia with a special type of tape. And she assured me that most of these types of hernias correct themselves in this way. Of course, praying for God to heal her also helps. Was I ever relieved!!! I had been dreading the surgery myself and just couldn't get total peace about it. Now I know why! Thank you Jesus!
Thanks to all of you also for your prayers. Please continue to pray that Analisa will heal quickly. She is smiling a lot more and growing very fast.
Josue' is doing much better now that the other nannies have gone. He is such a joy.
He was given a walker and he loves it. He'll be walking on his own very soon now.

Sat, 2nd May, 2015